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But seven people were arrested following the attacks, said Harsha de Silva, Sri Lanka's minister of economic reforms and public distribution. Sunday's attacks risk upsetting the country's fragile post-war peace."We are aware of the government's statement regarding the temporary blocking of social media platforms. Tensions between the majority Sinhalese and the Tamil minority led to a 25-year civil war between the Tamil Tigers, classified by the United States and others as a terrorist organization, and government forces.

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Someone with honest intentions,ready to be commited would like to travel and loves to be ..Arranged marriages were once common in Sri Lanka and still continue in rural parts of Sri Lanka.Marriages are arranged to pair people of the same socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and ensure the social order & structure of society."Some of the bodies get severely damaged in these kinds of explosions and it's possible for some bodies to get completely destroyed or break into parts, making the identification of full bodies difficult," said the ministry statement."Hence, counting an exact death toll is challenging."Scores of people were killed and hundreds injured on Sunday in a series of coordinated suicide bombings in Sri Lankan churches and hotels, carried out, authorities said, by a little-known terror group.A massive international criminal investigation into the attacks is ongoing, with six foreign police agencies and Interpol assisting local police, including Scotland Yard from the UK and the FBI from the US.

Though it's not clear who's behind the eight explosions that forced the country of 21 million people to go on lockdown, they are "certainly acts of terror," said Manisha Gunasekera, high commissioner of Sri Lanka to the UK."Serious action need to be taken as to why this warning was ignored," Sri Lanka's Minister of Telecommunications, Harin Fernando, tweeted along with a photo of the memo.

Sri Lanka dating culture is slowly evolving and you can see the number of love marriages increase over years.

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People rely on our services to communicate with their loved ones and we are committed to maintaining our services and helping the community and the country during this tragic time."Police in Sri Lanka imposed an island-wide curfew from Sunday evening until Monday morning.

In Colombo, the streets were eerily quiet, with hardly any cars on the road and no signs of bustling city life.

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