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… DO YOU FEEL so lonely sometimes that you think about just giving up on dating—just this one time! But what if I told you that there are simple, foolproof techniques that could help you: A comprehensive, no-nonsense guide that will lead you through The Asian Dating Revolution (believe me, the ball is in your court when it comes to getting dates… no matter what anyone has told you!

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Reviews: abcs of attraction newsletterattraction formula paul janka has gotten a lot of recent media buzz and his book is hot it explains his fool proof system that he used to attract and sleep with 153.Description: From: JT Tran – The #1 Asian Dating Coach In The World To: You If You Are Still Struggling To Break Through The Social Stigma, Stereotypes, and hurdles facing you in the dating world as an Asian man IT’S BRUTAL OUT THERE!The dating world can be like wandering through the Mojave desert without a water bottle. You’re smart, attractive, funny… and you’re going places.… DO YOU FEEL sometimes that you wish you never got emotionally attached to certain women… and maybe it would be easier to just walk away than try to overcome your doubts and fears?… DO YOU FEEL like other guys have an easy time meeting and dating women… while you struggle just to strike up a conversation? LISTEN: If you’re like I was when I first started dating seriously, then you’ve experienced at least a few of these feelings… over and over again!(You’ll find out why white men appear to be so successful at dating… even though they go on many fewer dates than you might believe.

(In Chapter One, you’ll learn how this “curse” came to be… and how you can easily overcome it using easy, fool-proof strategies)You’ll discover the easiest way Asian men can beat the odds.

(In Chapter Seven – Beyond the Bedroom – you’ll find practical advice for keeping “the one.”)Let me ask you… how much have you spent on dates that went nowhere, terrible “pick-up-artist” courses, and all that other garbage that promises to make you a “stud”?

How many times have you listened to “fool-proof” dating advice from your friends… only to go out with girls once and never have them call you again?

)You’ll get access to techniques that can help you land a long-term relationship… without the tedious shenanigans and “your friends aren’t good for you” lectures that most guys have to endure.

(See Chapter Six – The Push Button Girlfriend – if you want to skip the drawn-out process that most people go through.)You’ll discover how to sustain the relationship… even after (especially after) things have gotten intimate.

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