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Accommodating guests

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Creating comfortable quarters for guests amid all the toys is possible with a little planning and preparation before your guests arrive.Here is a checklist of things to do and items to include to make your guests’ visit so enjoyable, they may just decide to stay even longer! Move kids before your guests arrive – Nothing makes a guest more uncomfortable than feeling like they have imposed on their host.

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Add a small welcome basket with snacks, fruit, or other goodies.Among these things we have found our baker for the wedding (more on that soon!), bought A LOT of bottles of moscato (and also found out that a few vineyards up there recognise us by face!When we went for a tour around (in a buggy, booyah!) there were black swans floating serenely on the lake.), picked up more empty wine bottles for our DIY project, and most importantly, looked at accommodation for our guests.

When we first started planning a vineyard wedding in the Hunter Valley, the first and foremost issue that was constantly brought up to us was ”where will the guests stay? Good question, Mr Big and I would say, we’ll try to find something.

It was lovely there when we stayed before,” said MIL/Mumma Big. Mr Big’s mumma is a lovely woman and has good taste in these sorts of things, so I trusted her judgment.

A month or so later, Mr Big called the hotel and got a group booking!

Guests may feel uncomfortable helping themselves in the kitchen. Freshen the room with flowers – This added touch may seem insignificant but it says “welcome to our home” in a big way.

It means an extra measure of kindness and hospitality has been extended….who doesn’t love fresh flowers! Say “Welcome” with a few nice touches – A good book, small TV, clock radio, or box of tissues add some of the everyday comforts from home that are often overlooked.

The reasons we needed these properties were simple: the hotels but had never stayed there before. I threw around a lot of suggestions to Mr Big: Mercure Resort, Cam-Way Estate, Sebel Kirkton. maybe…” by the fiancé and so it got to a point where – it being too early to really do much about the guest-accommodation problem – I let it go and put it on the backburner.