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Active directory dhcp not updating dns

active directory dhcp not updating dns-49

First this would tell me whether the DHCP server was ever SENDING the registration (and having it fail) or just messing up before that. My DHCP and DNS settings are: DHCP Settings: - Enable DNS Dynamic Updates according to the settings below - Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records - Discard A and PTR records when lease is deleted - Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records for DHCP clients that do not request updates (for example, clients running Windows NT 4.0) - Lease duration: from 1 day to 4 days (depending what scope/vlan) DNS Settings: - Dynamic Updates: Nonsecure and secure.- Scavenge set to 7 days I don't have the FQDN option 81 in the DHCP. to=296095728 =================================== When responding to posts, please "Reply to Group" via your newsreader so that others may learn and benefit from your issue, to respond directly to me remove the nospam. =================================== =================================== Use Outlook Express? Get OE_Quotefix: It will strip signature out and more =================================== Keep a back up of your OE settings and folders with OEBackup: Hi, that's the strange thing.

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I've checked I then disabled DHCP on Server B just in case.DFS works I've check security settings and the 3 DC's are allowed to update DNS.I've also set DHCP to forefullyupdate DNS regardless if the client asks or not. If a user gets a lease yesterday say and then another elase today - say the same IP Should the timestamp in DNS not be updated also?Check the command line set command for logonserver: set logonserver ....ensure this is set to a replciated DC -- or use NLTest and Net Diag for definitive tests.(But this latter is usually overkill.) After I had proven authentication then I might consider (with permission from management etc) using the Network Monitor or something similar on the DHCP server to capture all of the DHCP and registration traffic. Com (phone on web site) Hi, I'm having the same problem, Windows Clients are registering but nothing else.Both our equipment and the network printers use FQDN option 81 and requests the DHCP server to update the DNS and support for this option is also enabled in the DHCP server.

Why are only the XP machines added and not the rest ?

Hello, my office has a Windows 2003 server network set up using both DHCP and DNS on the DC.

We have a problem where all XP machines are getting registered in DNS but our own developed equipment or network printers are not.

Machines join the LAN and get lease but still DNS not being updated.

AD appears to be working fine - I can add machines and they are duly replicated.

I will forward your tips to our system administrators and hope they NOW are able to solve our problem... Kind regards, Tobias Olofsson ONLY if you don't use "Update Credentials" (a regulary user account with non-expiring password).