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Adam dating miley

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She is then convinced that Adam is not really happy with fatherhood and is not ready with it.But it can be recalled that Adam Levine cancelled most of Maroon 5 concerts to give way for Dusty Rose and Behati Prinsloo's delivery.

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Braison has been dating visual merchandiser Stella Mc Bride for less than a year and he announced his engagement to her on his Instagram.Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are planning to divorce as soon as possible, reports claim.The reasons are pointed to Adam's poor parenting skills and his alleged affair and flirting with Miley Cyrus.The Victoria's Secret angel is enraged with the case that Levine does not even bother to check on his daughter and that he prioritizes his career over his family.This made Behati Prinsloo criticized the poor parenting skills of Adam Levine.There were many fans who noticed the unusual engagement ring and complimented the couple for it.

Since Braison was seen in the company of his bride-to-be on 23 November 2018, it is not known whether he was able to make it for his sister Miley Cyrus’ birthday party celebrations. Miley’s other siblings-Noah and Truce Cyrus were present for the occasion.

After Braison posted on his social media about his engagement, congratulations started pouring in from his fans.

Many of them commented and congratulated him for it. He has starred in films such as Heels in 2016 and Doc in 2001.

Just the past weeks, Adam has been the target of abuse allegations also.

An anonymous caller phoned that Los Angeles Police Department and told them that Adam Levine has been abusing Behati and their baby.

The source also added that apart from the parenting skills issue, another reason came out.