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Adult message chat

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The point is you people overreact way too much when it comes to stuff like this, and a good app like Amino shouldn't be drug down because of it.

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This concept is highly original though limited in scope. I do like the idea of this but they need to upgrade the choices you can make so they’re a little more realistic.Fourthly, if a community marks itself as being for an older age group and your child ends up there, educate your child. Fifly, all gamers yell and curse at each other over stuff(Pokemon included). Now, I grew up during one of the most rebellious time periods ever and my parents were both Marine Corp.I stood my ground on alot of issues and eventually they saw my point of view(not always, but mostly).This app is sick and I honestly wonder how it's still running. They tend to pick their favorites for the features, one leader I stated my concerns they seemed to be sheep minded and stating how they're leaders are not wrong.I naively let my 13 year old daughter get this app. I noticed a person who had 4 people suggest her then she suggested herself.I joined Amino a couple years back (or close to a couple years) and I adore it to death, I made my own Community called “Yuri Amino” #Family Friendly I would recommend this app to everyone _______________________ Some parents don’t like the Trolls that go around and say “Kill yourself” Since the older Generation doesn’t understand (this also includes Overprotective parents (Which also disgust me)) Most of the time when someone on the app says “Kill yourself” that doesn’t correlate to bullying It’s just him being a troll , and all trolls want attention Every community that you join within the app has leaders and curators Curators can’t ban/Strike Members, they are only able to delete messages and hide posts and profiles Leaders in the other had are capable of banning members, striking members and hiding posts and profiles When someone posts “porn” in the chats, you should show that to the leaders and they will handle it because porn is against the guidelines of the app __________________ There are communities (usually smaller) that are ran by Kids (usually 13 and under) and you can tell right away, that they really don’t know what they are doing and they aren’t the most mature leader on the app, also they have tons of biasness an example would be that let’s say their friend comes at you and starts calling you names, and you take that to the leader, since the leader is biased and likes his friend, he will ignore it or just ban you instead So I would recommend staying away from “Unlisted”/ “Smaller” Communities to avoid this problem ____________________ A lot of these over protective parents kinda puts down the app because of a couple bad eggs , which to me is bullshit Because literally EVERY app will have bad eggs in it, so get the F- over it (I don’t like overprotective parents, you can tell) Again, I like this app, and il forever recommend it (Also communities about sexuality and Genders isn’t inappropriate, it’s just your kids being with other people that they identify with , and You OVERPROTECTIVE PARENTS can’t change their gender or sexuality, if your kids are gay/Les then you can’t change that, It’s simply impossible, they will never open up to you if you keep trying to punish them for it, so just Stop, just because you don’t like Gays or les people doesn’t mean you have to Force your kid to be Straight If you don’t like them being Gay/Bi/Les or whatever, then maybe you shouldn’t of been a parent , because parents are suppose to support their child, not force them because your biased about something If it’s about drugs and alcohol, then yes , to whatever you can to stop it But (AGAIN) if it’s about gender and sexuality then LEAVE IT ALONE (overprotective parents is the biggest reason why kids run away and Rebel) If you want to talk about this then you can find me in “Yuri Amino” I’m the owner of it I got a cell for my 11 year old daughter so that she could always reach me.

I checked in on her phone activity, but clearly not frequently enough.

Secondly, Amino is made up of hundreds of community's, not one giant one - and heck, you can even make your own!

Thirdly, each community governs itself and the creator of the app has no involvement in that whatsoever(they can't revoke an Amino because they failed to enforce their rules no matter how many times you bitch about it).

The more you attempt to clamp down on what your kid does, the more they'll rebel as they get older plus come up with ways of circumventing what you were trying to do to begin with.

When it comes to Amino, there are good communities here.

And then found the anorexic group, giving my young daughter tips on how to be 80 pounds or less..