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Ae dating manual

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The screens are named with a two-letter designation, the first indicating the metering type (A for averaging, P for area metering, and S for spot metering), and the second indicating the style of screen, as listed below.The standard screen supplied from the factory in F-1 bodies is the Focusing Screen FN-AE (averaging metering, New Split/Microprism style) for bodies shipped with an AE finder FN, and FN-PE(partial metering, new split/microprism style) for bodies shipped with an Eye Level Finder FN. The finder is removed from the camera, and the screen is then pried up using a fingernail along the silver rear edge of the screen.

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Only the AE Motor Drive FN has a motorized film rewind (therefore when using the AE Power Winder FN it is not necessary to remove the Rewind Coupler cover from the bottom of the camera).The AE Power Winder FN is powered by 4 AA batteries, and is a single self-contained, unexpandable unit.The AE Motor Drive FN is a more complete system, as it has 3 different battery packs to choose from: the Battery Pack FN, the Ni-Cd Pack FN, and the High Power Ni-Cd Pack FN.Both units add the possibility of shutter-priority auto exposure mode by setting the lens's aperture ring to 'A'.The aperture needle disappears from the meter display, and the meter needle indicates what aperture the AE system has selected.Both also include an integral eyepiece shutter, which closes over the eyepiece to prevent light leakage during long exposures.

When using the AE finder, setting the shutter speed dial to 'A' engages a small switch on the finder which puts the camera into aperture-priority auto exposure mode.

The Battery and High Power Ni-Cd packs will power the motor drive for up to 50 rolls of film, while the Ni-Cd pack provides power for up to 30 rolls. The two Ni-Cd packs have to be plugged into a charger to recharge them.

The High Power Ni-Cd pack will also power the camera body itself by replacing the camera's battery with Battery Cord C-FN.

The AE Power Winder FN allows up to 2 frames per second (frame/s) in continuous mode, and the AE Motor Drive allows up to 5 frame/s in high-speed mode and 3.5 frame/s in low-speed mode.

Both units also have single-exposure mode, where only a single frame is exposed when the shutter release is held down.

It was officially discontinued in 1994, and factory support ended in 2004.