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Alcoholics dating custody

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We talked, we laughed, our hands brushed against each other, and the sparks flew. When I got married, I did so believing that I would have a partner. I believed I was marrying someone who wanted the same things I wanted. Marrying an alcoholic with narcissistic personality traits sets you up for a lifetime of frustration, loneliness, and pain.

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While a spouse who drinks moderately won’t get eliminated from seeking custody, family law courts will take a close look at any substance abuse issue that might impact parenting. She splits her home time between San Francisco and France.Alcohol abuse that continues for at least a year is possible grounds for a fault divorce in some states.Habitual substance abuse is often permitted as grounds for a fault divorce, and it can lead to other grounds, such as infidelity or physical cruelty.In other states, a spouse can get more alimony if the marriage ended because of the other spouse's bad behavior. It permits no-fault divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences suffered for at least six months or if the couple have lived apart for at least 18 months.But in New Jersey, you can also sue for divorce based on the other spouse's fault, including adultery, abandonment, physical or mental cruelty, or drug or alcohol abuse for at least a year.Once you do get out, it’s inevitable to escape without some burns and evidence of the hell you just endured. My marriage to and divorce from an emotional vampire left me breathless. The ashes are ugly, and they will always have an effect on me and my boys lives. He heals the wounds and covers the scars, and because of that, I can breathe again.

If we accept that alcoholism is a disease (which I do), the cure is simple: don’t consume alcohol.

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In a fault divorce, the court divides the property between the spouses the same as a no-fault divorce, but the spouse winning a fault divorce can get more alimony than a fault divorce in states like New Jersey.

In other states, a fault divorce can also change the division of assets.

But consult an attorney before opting to sue for a fault divorce based on substance abuse.