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Alex o loughlin sophia myles dating

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Yep, our favorite (current) TV vamp can look at himself in the mirror and drink orange juice instead of a real Bloody Mary. John, a vampire seeking redemption – won’t be winning any Emmys for his performance.

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Mick gets his blood the old fashion way – he buys it at the blood bank.Shannyn Sossamon (40 Days 40 Nights, The Rules of Attraction) provides her most grown up work in the role of Mick’s ex-wife Coraline.Jason Dohring’s (Veronica Mars) Josef Kostan is the perfect foil to Mick, content in his existence as a vampire, but still with his own strong moral compass.Even the premise is so tired it should be taken off the field in a stretcher. There’s something charismatic about Alex, a guy I had lunch with last summer (Check out the blog item Lunch with a Vampire).The Australian charmed me then, and he’s still oozing charisma. Watch this video OK, maybe not exactly “Angel,” but not bad. You know you should objectively sit down and critique a show based on things like execution, acting, writing, and so on.Doctor Who star David Tennant has called time on his two-year relationship with Sophia Myles, it has been claimed.

Tennant, 36, is said to have ended the romance by phone while the Thunderbirds actress was filming in LA, blaming the miles between them.

AUDIO/VIDEO/EXTRASAll 16 episodes come packaged on 4 DVDs in a streamlined casing.

The image maintains the letterbox format of the series’ original airing.

Steve and Lynn were met by gunfire instantly upon uncovering the plane, and quickly made a run for their boat — only to see that Logan, the mobster who had years ago faked his death with the help of a bribed guard, had torched their ride home.

Upon seeing that Logan and his lady accomplice had transportation of their own, Steve created a distraction by firing a flare gun into their hut, while Lynn grabbed and dragged their boat.

While all this drama unfolds, Mick still finds time to put down baddies, usually of the vampiric fold.