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Woll, who grew up a Reform Jew in the Chicago suburbs, was a bioengineer, then a physical therapist, before becoming a rabbi in the progressive Reconstructionist tradition.She recently assumed a new pulpit at Congregation Shir Hadash in Milwaukee.

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But underneath those statistics are plenty of people who care deeply about their particular traditions.One is committed to raising the children within the faith, while the other will give the children latitude to come to their own conclusions about God and the universe.And I always imagine, as a Jew, that Roman Catholics have it easy.But he left before ordination to get married, at age 21.He said he knew right away he had made the wrong decision.Sitting in these Filipino-Catholic houses, trying to de-Catholicize the inhabitants, Sweeney was intrigued by iconography all around him.

“I would look at all their Catholic stuff, and I was very interested, like in their home altars and their pictures of saints,” he said, when I met him and Woll in the comfy, New England-y Vermont house they were about to vacate for Milwaukee.

Woll and Sweeney, who in 2013 co-authored , are thus seekers, finely attuned to the evolution of religious commitments.

From the beginning, Sweeney found his parents’ evangelicalism confining.

What do I really care about, and what is just my stubborn ego? And what do I owe to my religious community, which may need me as much as I need it?

Jewish-Catholic intermarriages are particularly interesting because of all that our two communities have in common.

Among Catholic couples you may still find that one prefers this kind of Mass and one that kind, one adores the current pope and the other loathes him.