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Are the jonas brothers dating anyone

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The Jonas Brothers are now the first boy band to reach No. Thanks to the synergy of their evolving celebrity and their skill at crafting bops, their comeback is actually breaking through beyond simple nostalgia. Nick Jonas was originally signed as a solo artist to Columbia Records, before an A&R exec decided to package him with his two older brothers — Joe and Kevin — into a group in 2005.

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But their relationships were also a sign that they were aging out of their wholesome Disney franchise.There’s a nagging feeling that necessity — rather than artistic inspiration — is what really brings these (older and wiser) men back together to revisit their hits with an audience that grew up adoring them.The Jonas Brothers’ recent comeback, in contrast, is transcending the nostalgia circuit.The reunion is a standard moment in a boy band’s life cycle.The New Kids on the Block are still touring — on land and on water.Their music was catchy and perfectly crafted pop rock.

They could serenade fans with the country-tinged “When You Look Me in the Eyes” provide lilting love songs like “Lovebug,” and sell punky ’tude with “Burnin’ Up.”There was merch, and sold-out arena tours, and fanfic (with oddly specific imaginings of the brothers’ quotidian reality: “Nick woke up to the bright sun in his face, and the smell of his brothers smelly under arms.”) Yet what most people still remember are the promise rings.

But Disney was less interested in their songwriting than their marketability.

The Disney effect started with a video and promotional blitz for a song originally from It’s About Time, which they didn’t even write.

They opened for groups like the Veronicas and Jesse Mc Cartney, and the brothers used My Space to cultivate a fanbase.

Still, the record underperformed and they were dropped by the label.

It was only after their recent reunion that they revealed how the rings became a major talking point they were forced to contend with.