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ILGA’s annual conference was canceled after Guadala¬ jara Mayor Gabriel Covarru- bias Ibarra, Zapopan County Mayor Nicolas Orosco and Jalisco Gov.

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ILGA said so few of its members could afford last- minute transportation to Aca¬ pulco that it would be unfair to grant the small number of participants the power to set the organization’s course for the next year. It passed on a vote of 12 yes, 10 no and one abstention. 26 JUNE 27, 1991 Gay Rights Bill Clears Committee, 12-10 by Marghe Covino SACRAMENTO - Assem¬ bly Bill 101 hurtled out of the Ways and Means Committee Tuesday, June 25, like a calf out of a chute, among a herd of other bills.The planned conference also had been threatened re¬ peatedly by what organizers call “ultra-right-wing, paramil¬ itary Catholic groups.” The city was plastered with graffi¬ ti and posters urging that gays be murdered.More restrained Catholic- identified associations marched through the streets with images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, praying that Guadalajara not become the next Sodom. We have mastered the very energy that once enslaved us.The Dream Lodge is an experience that dissolves prejudices and frees us to once again celebrate that pure instinctual energy we all possess.

Through ancient mule rituals we re-awaken the vitality and wholeness of Spirit most of us have suppressed or squandered for years.

To attend the Acapulco event, direct-dial the Guadala¬ jara organizers at 011 52 36 372 690 (24 hours), 011 52 36 320 507 (business hours CDT), or 011 52 36 145 755 (5-8 p.m. Other ILGA officials are in Acapulco at the Hotel Torres Gemelas, preparing for the gathering. We have never been more v ibrant, more alive, more joyous in our relationships, more confident in our careers, more proficient as lovers.

▼ BAY AREA REPORTER JUNE 27, 1991 PAGE 2 OUR r i it rn JL A -JL-J_ J Qf\\ PUIv ( \ rp (^ PI7 AT o UUlt Lrj Ur Lf Jail AI h HImi^cai JH— j JL i JL—jj LIlv JJ^ JL # ■ -M For years it wasn't that way. , our sexuality was a burden, a master that dictated our lifestyle, modified our relation ships, evoked a fear of aging ill! Now is the time to recognize and honor the power that has been repressed.

” An indignant Vascon¬ cellos paused long enough to peer over his glasses and say, “Why?

I’m not changing my procedures for anyone or any¬ thing, including this bill.

Johnson volunteered, the sub¬ poena was faxed, and Johnson served it in the hearing room, saying, “Lou, you are served.” It must have been a bad af¬ ternoon for Sheldon because a short time later he and As- (Continued on page 35) Milestone Gay and lesbian Los Angeles Police Officers staffed a recruitment booth at Gay Pride Day festivities. The Advocate gave con¬ ference organizers $7,500 to offset rescheduling expenses.