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Avoid the 10 most dangerous dating mistakes men make

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You need to show her a little interest and then balance that interest with displays of disinterest; this will always keep her guessing about you and keep you a challenge in her eyes 7.Talking About Negative Things When you meet a woman never talk about anything negative.

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Also, asking a woman what she wants to do instead of planning everything and just inviting her along is also a huge mistake; women hate having to lead and make decisions. Thinking Of What To Say Next When talking to an attractive woman, men are usually up in their heads thinking about what they’re going to say next.She wants a man who will add excitement and joy to her life, not bring her down into the dumps. Having Weak Body Language When you are talking to a beautiful woman don’t fidget or move around too much.A woman is attracted to a man who is confident and comfortable in his own skin. Instead you want to show women that you are a challenge. He will do things like laugh at things that aren’t too funny. Once a woman knows that you are willing to do anything to be with her, all the challenge is gone and she immediately loses all interest and attraction for that man.Most men tend to talk about a lot of negative things when they first meet a woman; he talks about his ex girlfriend, his break up, how he is struggling at work, how crappy the weather is etc.

Women hate this; they just want someone who will make them feel happy.

If you are nervous, fidgeting, looking around a lot, speaking too quickly and not keeping strong eye contact then then woman is going to sense that you are weak and her attraction will die. Make your movements slow and relaxed, keep strong eye contact, speak slowly, breath slowly, be as relaxed as possible. Wear black socks with pants and white socks with shorts.

An alpha male is always relaxed and in control of himself and the situation; that’s what women are attracted to. Not Dressing Properly Or Being Well Groomed If you want a beautiful woman in your life you have to present yourself in an attractive fashion. Make sure your clothes fit your body and look good on you. Make sure all your body hairs are trimmed including nose and ear hair if you have them.

Keep your power for you because a woman wants to date a powerful man, not a subservient wimp. Leaning In Another mistake men make is leaning into the woman too much.

Leaning in means that you physically lean your body towards her when you are talking to her; this is not attractive and sub communicates that you are bowing to her and that you believe that she is more valuable and powerful that you are. A woman wants a man who is more powerful than her, not less powerful.

The way you take care of yourself tells her a lot about how well you will take care of her. Calling Her Too Much When you get a woman’s phone number, email address or facebook, this does not give you permission to call her and talk to her all the time.