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I presumed we were due for an orgy, but I was soon to be proven wrong; no, what we saw that night was far, far more unnatural than even the most licentious orgy I had ever seen."My lord," the other Sultan said to ours, "do you enjoy entertainments of a carnal nature?

The food was excellent, though we just stayed at the smaller stools behind our Sultan, watching the jugglers and musicians.Getting down to her knees, she moved up underneath him, facing the forbidden place between his legs directly.Peering closer despite myself, I saw his manhood actually beginning to emerge, and I averted my gaze again."Ohhh, look," Sari said, touching my arm.The girl walked to the horse, and as she led it into the center of the hall, two slaves were setting up a large, wooden table there, its top and rim padded, as if for someone to lay atop of.I still had no idea what sort of perversions I was about to witness.Once everyone was in the hall, the slaves closed the doors behind themselves and stood at attention, facing us.

I couldn't even begin to fathom what was about to occur."Commence," the Sultan said, and one of the women bowed.

The Sultan Sari and I being his favorites, we went with the Sultan everywhere; with him, we got to see the insides of kingdoms from here to Egypt, each one more fantastic than the next.

But it wasn't until we were back in our native land that the events occurred which I am about to detail, and which were the beginning of the fate which you see me in now.

They also led in several horses, all of them fine Arabian stallions the like of which I had seen many times before, except for one; he was a truly gigantic horse, larger than any I had ever seen before, being fully five hands taller than any of the others, taller at the shoulder than the head of even the tallest man.

He shook his head and flipped his tail when I looked at him, as if he knew I was watching.

"Keep in mind, we have a visiting king who has never witnessed the marvels you are about to display." She bowed courteously, and stepped back."Then allow me to present to your royalnesses," she said, stepping back and indicating one of the girls behind her.