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Before springing bondage gear on your partner, you should definitely discuss your boundaries and desires, and make sure you're on the same page about what you're both down to try, she says.And consider stealing a tip from (ya know, the icon of kinky sex for the last decade): Come up with a mutual safe word in case one of you gets uncomfortable and wants to stop things in their tracks.

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By continuing to browse on this website, you accept the use of cookies for the above purposes.Lean forward with both palms on the floor and have them insert a well-lubricated finger into your butt while he enters you from behind, maybe pulling it out just as you're on the brink of orgasm.Now it's time for you to take the reins: The cowgirl presents an optimal opportunity to dominate your partner, an easy way in to full-on BDSM."I think a lot of people, for some reason, have this idea that if you’re going to try kink, you have to go all the way. That’s still really intimidating and can actually lead to a lot of difficulties," she says.Testing out nipple clamps or choking during your first foray, for example, may not be the best place to start.These 10 positions for kinky sex are an incredible (read: next-level orgasm guaranteed) way to start: For people who are just starting out, Marin recommends this classic: "Probably the easiest position to try is doggy style because it already feels like a little more animalistic position and lends itself really well to spanking, hair-pulling, and things like pinching the nipples."Do It: Kneeling on all fours, have your partner enter you from behind, either while he's standing and you're stationed on the bed, or he's on his knees behind you.

Same-sex partners could consider a strap-on or just use fingers for penetration.

This position gives your partner easy access to both holes (sorry for the bluntness), while the angle creates intense penetration.

(Be prepared to get loud.)"Get started with your fingers first and see how you like the pressure there," Marin suggests.

Lean back, hold their wrists you, cowgirl.

With your hands out of play, your partner is free to roam your body, finding sensitive spots neither of you may not have discovered before your foray into kinky sex.

Before you straddle them, maybe blindfold their eyes with a silk scarf or tie.