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Brandon beemer dating

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While it’s difficult to imagine now that would be doing anything other than modeling and TV, his first profession was a blue-collar can get, and served as a truck driver of the Coca-Cola bottling plant.Prior he was on a hit show on ‘Days of Our Lives,’ this guy used to be on CBS’ “The Bold” and “The Beautiful.” In fact, this guy was on the program from 2008 to 2012 in his character as ‘Owen Knight.’ And believe it or not, Beemer had a brief stint on ABC’s “General Hospital” from 2005-2006, portraying the part of Seth.

We literally combed through scores of Brandon Beemer photographs and couldn’t find any that were “bad”.We wouldn’t be much of a blog if we didn’t write something about him, right?As part of what follows, we’ve included several pics of Brandon to give you an idea on how this guy works out his physique.Previously before marrying Nadia, Beemer was also in a relationship with Jessica Lucas, a famous actress.But the couple could not continue their relationship so they were separated.Given his unique looks, some people have wondered what Brandon Beemer’s ethnic background is.

According to an interview he gave back in 2007 to TV Guide, he’s a mix of Native American, Irish and German. While it’s hard to imagine now that Beemer would be doing anything other than modeling and television, his first job was as blue collar as you can get.

A refreshing attribute in an age where so many celebs use whatever excuse they can to grab headlines.

Brandon Beemer is an American actor and model who is famous for his role in the soap opera named Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of Our Lives.

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When you take a look at Brandon’s Instagram account, it’s fairly obvious that the man loves being outdoors – particularly on the beach!