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Brennan swain dating

Following the , Flo dated Drew for seven years before breaking up in 2009.Zach, on the other hand, married longtime girlfriend and documentary film director and producer Elyse Steinberg in 2008 before welcoming a child in 2012.

"Since day one we were like brothers," says Chris, "and even an amazing experience like THE AMAZING RACE wouldn't change us being like family." Alex agrees: "Chris and I have stayed friends through thick and thin.Though they were good at physical tasks, they tended to be weak at communicating with non-English speakers and travel in general, and Tara gave them a lot of help in these area's, practically carrying them into the finale.Chris & Alex tailed their allies through San Francisco, passing the lagging Tara & Wil during the final sprint to the Finish Line to win the million dollars.Their penalty was issued after their check in, but because they were the penultimate team to arrive in the previous leg, they still departed last on the following leg.It was a simple premise.11 teams of two would race around the world, competing in legs that would require them to navigate picturesque foreign locales while performing physical and mental challenges.Chip, meanwhile, has worked as the EVP of Flimp Communications, a human resources and employee benefits digital communications company, since 2013.

) went on The Amazing Race, they'd watched at their information technology company was taken over by their partners, leaving them ousted.

After running the race, they began touring as motivational speakers available to "energize and inspire your company to win together as a team," per their Linked In page.

They founded People Star Film Works alongside their son CJ to "bring their expertise in television and film to your business via corporate video production.

These lifelong BFFs, who met on the school bus heading to their first day of kindergarten, were certain that competing together on TAR would have no negative affect on their brotherly relationship.

And it appears they were right, as Alex's Insta account is peppered with photos of the two spending time together.

And while they don't still work together all these years later—Brennan is a partner at a Los Angeles film specializing in patent, trademark, and copyright law, while Rob works as an attorney at a different firm in the area and writes for TV and film in his spare time—they have remained as close as ever.