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Cambodian dating

Option 2: You just walk around town and look out for cute girls with regular jobs.But then this isn’t Thailand where you know the best places to meet girls during the day are the countless of shopping malls – which are still very rare in Phnom Penh not even thinking of the rest of the country so you’re much more limited here. So here comes number 3: The Online Dating Sites in Cambodia.

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They are searching in Thailand or in the Philippines. Everyone is talking about Thailand and the Philippines but nobody’s talking about the millions of beautiful single women you can meet in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.Most of them are women and a significant number are women who came to the USA after they married their American husbands.Having a Cambodian American wedding is nothing new.Her parents had the same dream…and they still have it.I’m sorry to say this but a Catholic church and a white wedding dress is not part of this dream. Just imagine how happy, proud and amazed your future wife would be, if you knew… I’m sure she can’t wait to take it with you…​If you dream about marrying a Cambodian bride, I have good news for you.But even though your future wife is in it for the long run, there are certain things about getting married in the Wild West of South East Asia that you must know before you say “I do”.​Yes, they are real and they happen.

You wouldn’t be the first one who gets scammed out of a lot of money.

Most Western men overlook these beautiful traditional women and focus on other countries. Well, because you are everything that she wants but can’t get.

This is a big advantage for you, especially when you are smart enough to join Asian Dating. You treat her with respect, you don’t abuse her, and you can take care of her.

So please stop telling yourself that is weird or uncommon. The numbers speak for themselves.​The marriage law in Cambodia is different than in other countries.

In fact, I’ve never seen anything like that before, but I can understand it somehow. Just not in Cambodia.​You can spend thousand bucks on a ticket to Phnom Penh and spend another $30 per night for a decent hotel room without cockroaches.

I can only hope that you are younger than 50 and earn more than $2500 per month. I’m serious and it gets even more serious when you are 51 and you want to marry the woman of your dreams in Phnom Penh. She wants a man who treats her with respect and who can take care of her and maybe her children (in case you want one, two, or maybe three).