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Cfia validating animal health import permits

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However, the Fisheries Act was not specifically designed to prevent the introduction of aquatic animal diseases into Canada.

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Import permits for aquatic animals will be similar, and imports will require a health certification from the country of origin that the animals to be exported to Canada meet its aquatic animal health requirements.Consultation with regulated parties on regulatory change has been ongoing since 2005 and will continue as formal regulatory processes proceed.In addition, foreign countries and other interested parties will have the opportunity to comment on proposed changes through the Canada Gazette process.This regulatory proposal would allow Schedule III of the Health of Animals Regulations to be incorporated by reference in order to allow for the list of aquatic species that require a permit to be easily updated to remain consistent with WTO OIE international standards updates.This regulatory amendment is required to reduce the risk of the introduction of disease by allowing the list to remain up to date in a timely and cost-efficient manner.As part of the proposed regulatory changes, aquatic animal health permits will be required to import live aquatic animals into Canada, including specific regulated fish species, molluscs and crustaceans.

Where possible, the aquatic animal import program will build on existing program infrastructure and operational networks.

Schedule III of the Health of Animals Regulations advises regulated parties which aquatic species need an import permit from CFIA.

Schedule III is currently part of the Health of Animals Regulations and has not been updated since 2012.

Importers of aquatic animals are encouraged to become familiar with existing CFIA import permit system, AIRS, which will be used for the new aquatic animal health import programme.

Most live terrestrial animal imports into Canada require a valid import permit.

The CFIA will replace active import permits for (non-Koi) ornamental regulated fish with new permits.