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(If you're having a serious conversation, you probably don't want to continue posting beach photos at the same time.)This news comes fresh on the heels of last week's major video-focused announcement, the launch of Instagram's long-form video hub, IGTV.Today's release could spell trouble for another video chat app, House Party, which is currently popular with the under-24 crowd.

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Gardez à l’esprit que toute personne dont vous acceptez un message direct peut démarrer une discussion vidéo avec vous.If you’re a fan of multi-tasking, you’re going to love this: you can still browse the Instagram app while on a Video Chat.All you have to do is tap the minimize button in the top-left corner while chatting.With Instagram quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for its 1 billion users’ social needs, it no surprise that direct and group Video Chat has been integrated into the app’s expanding features. First, download the latest version of the Instagram app on i OS or Android.Here’s everything you need to know about the new feature: Ready to make your first call with Instagram Video Chat? Once updated, open the app and head to your Instagram Direct by either swiping left or tapping the arrow icon in the top-right corner of your profile.Close on the tail of Instagram’s IGTV launch comes a brand new feature that could have you spending more time chatting IRL: Instagram Video Chat!

While we knew the launch of Video Chat was in the pipeline for Instagram (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature just a few months ago at the F8 Conference), according to a press release from Instagram, you can start using Video Chat as of today.

A small rectangle with your friends’ face will appear on your screen that you can drag around.

You can then continue to scroll, send messages and photos in your Direct Messages, post an Instagram tory, and more!

Turns out, you won't have to wait until Apple rolls out group Face Time in i OS 12 to have video chats with multiple friends: Today, Instagram is rolling out video chatting within Direct, which will allow you to talk to up to four people at once.

To start a video chat, open Instagram and tap the paper plane icon in the upper right-hand corner to go to Direct (or, simply swipe across your Feed from right to left).

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