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In boys junior, Rushab Shah (Oshwal) won with Stephen Ndegwa (Aga Khan Academy) and Shiven Bechra of Mombasa Academy settling for the second and third slots respectively.Athletes from various secondary schools compete in the boys 5,000m as the Coast Regional Secondary Schools Term One games entered its second day at Shanzu Teachers Training College, March 15, 2019.[GIDEON MAUNDU/STANDARD] Five records were set at the Coast Region secondary schools Term One athletics championships that ended on Saturday at Shanzu Teachers Training College in Mombasa. Ii ARTR' tr Tor NIC I that frequent attempts .t counterfeiting have onlz.sdded to the popular. II you dtrcetly desire hebth do not experlment-get the Oltel NAL AND H5s5. Iytais lrot ui& Tt will Plrify and enrich toe ELb OO, regulate the LIV45 and KIDNEYVS, and Resoa. Wantof Appetlte.Lks of tre-ngth, etc., its use maurkaed with lmmediate and wonderful resultl Bones. HA2 1R l Ota N IC safe and speedy e s Iot givestelrmy to bte value of l )s. ore positions for raduates than all other Schools -ombid.

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Karia emerged best girl in senior category with Josline Awuor (Shree) and Light Academy’s Kimberley Nyawira settling for the second and third spots respectively.

In junior girls’ category, Maria Biach (Shree), Kreeshi Shaudi and Deeya Shree both from Oshwal academy, Nyali followed in that order.

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Truphena Riziki from Mitangani School in Kilifi County set a new record in girls 100m after clocking 12.97 seconds to erase the previous time of 13.00 set by Bahati Mwakulola of Msambweni School of Kwale County in 2010.