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Coffee shop dating

For the first date I recommend that you choose a coffee shop that is close to your place or convenient for you. Your not too far away from home and can do something else.If the girl is down for sex, then you can very easily pull her over to your place.

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And here’s why: Most of the girls here in Ho Chi Minh City are pretty conservative and have this idea of dating for long term.I was faced with this exact same dilemma when I was still new to the city and the local dating scene.On the one hand, I had read online and heard from others that Vietnamese girls are very conservative and expect to be dating you for a while before putting out.Some of them may even use sex to lure you into becoming their sugar daddy or white knight savior. You can determine your compatibility as well on this short coffee date.Also the coffee date allows you to screen for any issues with the girl. It would suck to have to spend hours on a date with a chick that is an absolute bore fest or just driving you insane.Lastly, I’m under the believe that you shouldn’t be spending boat loads of money on a girl until she’s proven herself worthy.

I mean besides her looks, does she bring anything else special to the table?

On my very first date here in Ho Chi Minh City, I was able to bed a business major university student on our first date, however subsequent dates with other women did not yield the same results.

In fact, most of them put up resistance coming over to my place.

The other 2/3 you will be able to gauge on the date and act accordingly.

They usually try to grab frame and take charge of the date and suggest you go somewhere else, usually a more expensive place to empty your wallet.

Some of them may even be full fledged hookers but they never will let you in on this fact until much later on, when they have their claws sunk in.