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Connecticut dating stamford ct

If at all possible it's always best to live close to work.Although not far in distance from each other, traffic is a horror.

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White Plains is a 10min drive from where I currently live, and I think it's a great city.I'd really like to keep my professional and private lives separate, and so although I'll likely make friends at work, I don't want to have them as my social support.The problem is I don't know a single soul in Stamford, or any part of Connecticut for that matter. So, what are my options, in terms of social settings in Stamford? I'm 32 and am finally finishing up my training as an emergency medicine doctor. I've lived/worked in the Bronx for 4 years now, and will be working in Stamford, CT, starting in July (2013).I've never lived in CT and am somewhat hesitant, since I've lived in NY almost all of my life.However, I'd be willing to make the move if it's more advantageous. Stamford is very similar to White Plains in a lot of ways.You will not be giving anything up by living in Stamford, and there's NO reason to endure the commute from White Plains.

In fact, I think I prefer Stamford in a lot of ways.

will I be charged NYS taxes although I'll be working in Stamford)?

Or would it be better monetarily speaking to both live and work in Stamford?

expensive) high rise building (max rent: $2200/month).

Would living in White Plains and commuting to Stamford place me at a tax disadvantage (eg.

There are times you're going to be going to work in bad weather, or called in on an emergency basis, etc. For $ 2200 you can get a new/newer apartment in a building/complex with amenities Good luckthanks to both stylo and willow wind for replying...