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Consolidating credit card debt with bad credit

Say goodbye to fluctuating interest rates and piling debts with our flexible debt relief loans.Repay your existing high-interest debts with a single bill consolidation loan at a fixed low-interest rates.

That can help you avoid the minimum payment trap that can keep you in debt for years to come.Rupee Circle lets borrowers avail a credit card consolidation loan and uses a cutting-edge P2P platform which lets them choose their tenures and offer fixed interest rates.As you pay month-by-month, your single EMI keeps chipping down and your debts slowly melt away.Rupee Circle allows borrowers to convert their existing debts into a single debt consolidation which is repaid at a fraction of its previous price.Flexible timelines and attractive interest rates let you clear your debt loans at a comfortable pace, minus all the worries.We get lots of questions about debt consolidation at, and that's because there are so many ways to consolidate debt.

Let's start with the basics: debt consolidation refers to the act of grouping all your different debts into one single debt.

From having to pay fluctuating interest rates of 18% to 25%, you pay a single interest rate which remains fixed during the entire tenure of the prepayment process.

This means no more cash crunch seasons and hassle-free debt clearances.

With a P2P loan, you can typically borrow the funds with lower rates than you would find at the bank.

However, you may have to pay a bit more in interest to keep the investor on your good side.

Moreover, our debt consolidation loan rates are very reasonable and don't burn a hole in your pocket.