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Da brat and allen iverson dating

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The former couple married on 3rd August 2001 and has five children from their failed married life.However, the marital relationship did not go as planned, their divorce was, in fact, a very controversial one, Allen's wife Tawanna even accused him of abducting the children.

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Despite being one of the most controversial players in the NBA's history Allen Iverson still has a net worth of around $32 million but he won't be able to use it until he turns 55. He previously had a mansion in Atlanta built for $4.5 million which was later foreclosed by the bank.She had filed for the divorce with the sole legal and primary physical custody of all five children along with the child support. At the same time, Allen again was caught in the news for not being able to pay his child support.Also Read: Magic Johnson 43-year-old Basketball star Allen has been pulled into several scandals and controversies.However, in January 2013, he received an offer to play for Texas Legends of NBA-D-League which he declined.Later, he announced his retirement citing the loss of his interest to play Basketball.Allen in between his three years' sentencing, successfully convinced Coach John Thompson from Georgetown University to offer him with a full scholarship to join the Georgetown Hoyas, Basketball team.

After his release from jail, he joined the Georgetown Hoyas Basketball team and led the team to Elite 8 round of the NCAA tournaments.

The basketball superstar is famous for his tremendous playing skills along with controversial lifestyle which includes Jail time, drugs, girls, marriage and well-publicized divorce.

Allen is known for his Conrows, Lightning fast crossover and the fastest first step in the game.

With the applause and hatred from his fans and anti-fans, till the end of his career, this Basketball legend became a recognized name in the world of sports. Allen Iverson was born on 7th June 1975 in Hampton, Virginia, the United States to a 15-year-old single mother Ann Iverson.

He was born after his father Allen Broughton deserted her.

From rebound boos and co-stars whose working relationships sparked actual relationships, these celebrities have dated some very interesting people over the years. While it’s known by most that these kids got it in with each other (probably not Screech though) on the regular and tried their hands at relationships with one another that probably weren’t anything but short little innocent flings, Lark (who played Lisa) and Mark (who of course played Zach) actually dated the longest.