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Dallas adult dating

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Appearance wise, I’m 5’1, around 100lbs, dark hair, blind green eyes. Additionally would be nice (but not really necessary lol) if you’re taller than me and your eyes are blue :)Thanks for reading! I'm Julianna and I'm living in the middle of nowhere, in a forgotten land name Poland and I'm lonely as hell.I'm afraid that I can't create an interesting post to encourage anyone to write to me, but I promise to do my best.

;)I love to dance(C&W and swing)But, Especially the dance between two people attracted to each other, ... I love to travel and visit new places but my weakness is for the mountains. I am looking for a man who is open minded but at the same time looking for a possible long term relationship.I've tried to treat it, but it was a rather unsuccessful effort.Now I'm fighting with it with my stuffed sloth (I need a proper name for him, all suggestions welcome After this loooong descriptions about why you shouldn't befriend me, now I should mention some of my pros.I'm a bit nerdy - I love board games, mobile games and I'm slowly going into computer ones.I'm also watching a lot of shows and before my depression was too strong I used to read a lot (mostly fantasy, s-f and post apo stuff).Despite the logical side I also have a much more artsy one. Recently I also started to get into tarot cards and it seems to be really interesting. Turn back now if you’re not into that, because I can turn a limerick into a Shakespearean epic. Because I want to find a real connection, and I feel like there’s a better chance for that if I am more of a real person to you. First things first, ~~I’m the realest~~ I’m a writer (and I don’t actually listen to Iggy Azalea).

I have a feeling that this essay is a little bit to long but anyway, I'd love to get to know more people. Thanks for BEING an asshole with my formatting, other trait of Reddit that I don't know about. At least, when people are describing me, that’s often what they say.

I’m a 20 year old student obsessed with everything cute and soft.

I like computer games, the subreddit with oddly specific stuff, rabbits, chocolate milk, snow, spooky things and long conversations.

Looking for adult encounter with someone who can handle more than the average man.

I have an atheletc build, blond hair, blue eyes and am open for just about anything!

Part of me is just a hopeless romantic who likes to sigh wistfully over cheesy stories before bed… I’m tall for a woman, and white enough that the proper shade of foundation for me is known as “Albino Blinder” in the classy shops and “Belly of a Dead Fish” at Target. My lips are all right – they’re quick to quirk a sarcastic grin.