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Dating a dutch guy

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"It isn't uncommon for a Dutch woman in a night-club to let things get really hot before mentioning casually that she has a steady boyfriend," according to a guy 'who's been there'.

That is why I decided to present a list of four points every international girl should know about dating Dutch men.They have this idea that they are among 'the most beautiful women upon earth," according to another.The problems don't end even when you manage to break down their initial barriers.Pages of posts in Expatica's discussion forums brand Dutch women as rude and aloof.It would seem they wouldn't even nudge a foreign Casanova with a barge poll. Dutch lassies are described as big bummed, hard-nosed, masculine, looks- and money-orientated specimens.Dating is fun; dating a Dutch man can be an experience.

Most women who date a certain “type” of man come to learn which traits best characterizes them.

So ladies, when he asks you out to dinner, don't forget your wallet.

And don't expect him to hold doors open for you either. However, not all expats accept this rather unflattering view of their trysts with the Dutch.

It’s important to note that this “guide” is based on my experiences as an American girl living in Amsterdam.

Also, keep in mind that I am can only write about Dutch men and not women; because while my boyfriend wishes I were, I am not a lesbian.

While studying in Copenhagen I asked a guy to list two qualities that would best describe a Danish man.