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Dating a sailor

The ocean's breathtaking beauty comes at a price and for some this might be an extreme comparison but I perceive the ocean as a fine line between life and death.Living close to the ocean is something I enjoy nonetheless. It has a meditative, calming and soothing effect on me.

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Opposites attract — I have never been quite comfortable in the water.Another perk of dating a sailor is getting private swim lessons.I know how to swim and with that I mean I know how to swim the breaststroke.I didn't grow up near the ocean, nor did I swim regularly or played water sports as a kid.Growing up my family and I went on numerous vacations by the ocean, something I enjoyed very much as a child.Just sitting by the beach and listening to its healing sounds is something I could do for hours on end.

To me, watching the sun set over the horizon of the Pacific is a magical experience that never gets old.

My sailor started swimming when he was a little boy, played water polo throughout his life and started sailing when he was a teenager.

His dedication and passion for sailing and boat building is something I admire about him a lot.

As soon as I am physically exposed to the water I can feel my muscles tense up and my breathing getting shallow. I know it will require a lot more practice and patience on my end but I hope to get there eventually. I feel reluctant to changes at first but have actually seen improvements on my end — something I am proud of.

My sailor knows his way around the water better than anyone I know. In situations where I feel lost, am unsure if we're heading north, east, south or west I can trust that he knows exactly where we are. He taught me that memorizing main roads and their relation to each other in places I'm not familiar with can help me figure out where I am, which direction I want to go.

Sailing is a dangerous sport that requires knowledge, intuition, patience, experience, foresight and precision. Understanding the wind, ocean currents, knowing the boat you're on and their relation to each other is inevitable if you're out on the open water.