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Dating a star pistol

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Note that the grip extends nearly to the bottom of the slide and that there is no plunger tube as on the 1911.The Star uses a pivoting external claw extractor ala Browning Hi Power and other semiautomatics including some of the newer 1911 type pistols, but the disconnector on the Star is in the a slide rail groove of the frame, positioned similarly to the old High Standard .22 pistols.

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I do find the rear notch just a small bit shallow for my tastes, but not enough to alter it.The thumb safety and slide release lever on the 1911 are both under spring tension via the plunger retained by the external plunger tube. There is a spring-loaded plunger within the slide stop lever itself and another beneath the thumb safety.(When the BM is being detail-stripped the plunger beneath the safety is often lost, as it Here you can see the self-contained plunger on the slide stop lever (left) and the thumb safety in "on" position on the Model BM.Surprisingly, these sights are not at all "slow" to be picked up at speed. There are definite similarities to the 1911 visible in the external features of the gun and with the removable bushing as well as the swinging link, but there are also considerable differences between the two designs.The link is in the proper position for reassembly on the Star but would not be on a true 1911.While I do not believe that the Model BM is up to a constant diet of hot handloads or P ammunition, I have fired both in this pistol Like the 1911, the Star using a Browning style lock up as is evidenced by the swinging link and locking lug on the barrel along with the removable barrel bushing.

The Star BM uses a FLGR with a captive recoil spring.

The Star Model BM has a magazine well that is beveled from the factory and its 8-shot magazines have a rounded follower.

Note the flat at the forward end of the follower that engages the slide release lever.

These pistols are no longer manufactured and the company that produced them no longer exists in the same form.

It has merged with another Spanish arms maker and it is important to note that new parts are being produced.

The Model BM shown has had the hammer spur bobbed to eliminate hammer bite and the magazine disconnect has been removed. There is nothing fancy about this gun, but it is solidly built and a reasonably good performer, particularly for the price.