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Dating agency in melbourne australia

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All these articles demonstrate the depth and breadth of Eva’s understanding of relationship dynamics.Eva is the only consultant in the entire industry that provides practical tips and guidance.

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Since we were established in 1976, our professional approach based on Yvonne’s background in psychology and her many years of experience has enabled us to understand and assist the many men who walk through the door. Often a potentially wonderful relationship does not go beyond a first date because of simple reasons to do with not appreciating gender differences!80% of them are permanent residents or citizens of either one of these two countries.Our male members are from various cultural backgrounds.Established in 1976, our reputation and brand are recognized internationally for the quality of the consulting and introduction services we offer for intelligent men and women.Our goals are focused on assisting you to achieve the great relationship you seek with that special woman.She is constantly studying and researching the field of relationships for the benefit of Metro clients.

If you've been on and off dating websites for years...

Tell us a little about yourself and we will then invite you to our secure Member Area to find out more about you and contact you about how we can assist you to find that special someone!

With more and more people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and above in Australia logging onto the internet to find friendship and companionship, love and romance, there are a wealth of potential daters out there who are hoping to meet someone they can share their time and thoughts with.

Women who come to us have varied interests but the majority are interested in current affairs, dining, travel and the arts.

Like you, the woman you seek is not interested in trawling the web looking for a genuine partner to share the good things in life in a great relationship.

They have strong interests in Asian people and their culture.