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Dating and dateout in peoplecode

A) Component buffer contains all the data of the active component.

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24) What is the difference between Prebuild & Postbuild events and saveprechange and savepostchange?A) Rowset, Row, Record, Field, Array, File, Sql, chart, grid and so on.7) How do you bring component buffer in to application engine program?A) Component Buffer is the area in memory that stores data for the currently active component.People Soft Interview Questions 5) What is the difference between component buffer and data buffer?A) It is a process of integrated flow of Information, which binds the organization together.

It is an integrated application software module providing operational, managerial and strategic Information for improving productivity, efficiency and quality.

A) Include all the roles in a project by clicking on Insert - People Soft Interview Questions 16) What is the use of set control field in record field properties?

A) Set Control id is used when you want to share tables in People Tools applications. A) Using edit table option in record field properties 18) How is performance management taken care in People Tools?

When TL_OUTTCD runs to prepare the employee data, it fails on the effective end date; which is a peoplecode supplied value. the peoplecode supplied value is "Date(99991231)", but when we comes to the trace log, the sql generated is INSERT INTO PS_TL_TRDT_WRK6 (PROCESS_INSTANCE, EMPLID, EMPL_RCD, EFFDT, END_EFFDT) SELECT DISTINCT PROCESS_INSTANCE, EMPLID, EMPL_RCD, EFFDT, '0000-00-00' FROM PS_TL_EMP_WRK6 WHERE PROCESS_INSTANCE = 842 The date become '0000-00-00', it should be '9999-12-31'; -- .....(TL_TRPROFILE. Step081) (SQL) INSERT INTO PS_TL_EMP_WRK6 (PROCESS_INSTANCE, EMPLID, EMPL_RCD, EFFDT, SEQNUM) SELECT DISTINCT A.

PROCESS_INSTANCE = 842 / -- Row(s) affected: 32 / / Restart Data Check Pointed / COMMIT / -- .....(TL_TRPROFILE.

Temporary tables can store data to update without risking the main application table.