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Certain Non-White management bodies were allowed to function, but the state still had full control over such bodies and freedom of decision making was governed by the state.67 - Mokopane (Potgietersrus), Limpopo Soek iemand om my liefde vir die natuur te deel Ek is standvastig en het soms ietsie stouts in my hou van lag. You're in control - block or report unsavoury members. Create your free profile to find that someone special and make contact through the private messaging interface when youre ready.In addition, the powers and obligations of the leaders were dictated by the state and management bodies were not represented in central government in any way.Later, a White representative was appointed to act as a link between management bodies and the government, an example of this was Mopeli and his people at Witsieshoek.The first government regulations regarding the occupation of urban land by Non-Whites was in the form of Ordinance 1 of 1860, in which Article 6 determined that no Non-White, without written permission from the , had the right to occupy urban land in towns where local municipalities did not yet exist.

This letter of permission had to mention the particular urban area with the names of the persons involved.

This could only be obtained by purchasing or leasing land from White farmers which led to complaints by neighbouring farmers not wanting Non-White areas adjacent to their farms.

Also, boundaries of such properties were often not properly defined resulting in further complications.

In addition, mention had to be made about the number of people, stock and any means of transport which may have been used.

Municipalities could also prohibit a larger number of Non-Whites from living in one particular area, to prevent a so-called ‘nuisance.’ In 1860, it was determined that only three urban Non- White settlements would be allowed per city or town.

The government declared that wondering animals would be shot.