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Many of my assumptions about the student population were also challenged.I thought there would be a lot of racially White students who may have questions about dating interracially.

) How does the construction of Whiteness in a relationship complicate it? Laureano This past weekend Rutgers University had its first annual Sex, Love and Dating Conference.Here are some notes and my experience from one of the workshops I provided on intercultural dating and relationships.The group even decided to stay longer after the formal hour was over.I was not able to complete all of the items I had outlined, but students said they were drawn to some of the topics I did share in the conference description.This past weekend I was asked to do two workshops at the first annual Rutgers University Sex, Love, and Dating Conference.

I provided two workshops, one on negotiating our multiple sexual identities and the other on intercultural dating and relationships.

I wrote: This workshop will center on the challenges, successes, and experiences of intercultural dating (not just interracial dating! Conversations about preference (is it a preference or is it a fetish?

), racism (can you date a person of a different cultural background and still be racist?

The fetishist is dependent on the fetish object, substance or part of the body to achieve sexual arousal and orgasm,” and participants had some strong opinions.

Many of them agreed that the definition provided made the fetish seem imaginary and almost mocked it with the focus on “magical powers.” We spoke of preferences and how these may be different from a fetish, if at all.

When I asked if there were specific topics participants wanted to discuss before I followed what I had outlined, several students mentioned they wanted to talk about preference versus fetish and how Whiteness is constructed and may affect a relationship.