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Our work spans the globe with five regional bureaus – Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.

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Thailand was one of the few countries in the world and in the region to start using the Internet before anyone else. Like you, I strongly believe that the Internet is essential in terms of economic and social development.In the midst of all of this, policymakers naturally wonder what their role is in the broader Internet ecosystem and how to make good public policy in the face of such rapid change. Many governments are concerned about security, privacy and consumer protection.Thailand, too, is at a critical juncture, with key legislation pending on issues such as privacy, data protection, and cyber-security.Before I go further into my remarks, I want to take this occasion to thank those who have helped us make this event a success.We are delighted to collaborate with the Thailand Internet community, the National Science & Technology Development Agency and the Ministry of Information & Communication Technology and to provide the opportunity to discuss the Internet’s impact on Thailand’s economy and society. TH on its 25 year of serving the Internet community.On the contrary, it is a model of governance that has served the Internet and individuals across the world extraordinarily well, leading to innovations and infrastructure development that may not have come about at all with a top-down model, and certainly wouldn’t have come as quickly.

It’s true that a multi-stakeholder approach puts many key Internet-related decisions in the hands of businesses, computer scientists, technical organizations and even end users, with a different role for governments than perhaps they are used to.

As a cause-driven organization, our mission is to ensure an open, global, fully accessible Internet for everyone.

The Internet Society thus actively advances and promotes key Internet technologies that are vital to the open, global Internet – this through a multi-stakeholder approach, working with many partners and regional organizations, civil society, private sector, governments, and international organizations.

In addition, Thailand is playing a key role in developing the ASEAN Government Cloud Framework.

All this combines to present an unprecedented opportunity in Thailand to advance the most important values of the Internet: open standards, the multi-stakeholder model, and universal access for all people.

Those who favor the existing model of multi-stakeholder development should redouble their efforts to understand the underlying concerns of governments.