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Dating kali yuga

How many preceding Kalpas have transpired in the divine experiment with Anthropos-10?

From the outset, much of the material in this Course is specific to the timing and conditions of Kali Yuga, and there is a lot to be said on that topic.Initial speculation about the possible Maya dating of the “endtime” peaked briefly in August 1987 with the “Harmonic Convergence.” In the debate at that time, Jose Arguelles played a central role with his declaration that the end of the Maya Long Count indicated a moment when a beam from the galactic center would sweep across the earth and produce magical effects.If I recall correctly, the period of the beam matched the precessional cycle of 25,920 years.It seems that Arguelles simply attached a fantastic interpretation to known phenomenon of astronomical timing.In when some of the population were teleported off the earth on that mysterious cosmic beam, and predicted that the same would happen for many people in 2012. I am not deeply enough involved in the debate around 2012 to know if Arguelles’ ideas are undergoing a revival, but I sense that others, a younger and more creatively inspired crowd, might have taken over his notions, and morphed them considerably.I am probably out of touch with the pulsations of the new crowd who are building expectation of 2012, but it looks to me like the best options for the Maya endtime are erupting from the orgiastic imagination of younger people in the counterculture, people who are ignited with all manner of erotic, cosmic, artistic, mantic, mythopoeic, and esoteric inspirations.

Hence, my speculation (8.101.2) on the tribes to come….

Come to think of it, I can’t name anyone else currently established at that level.

This material can be extremely dense in places, some calculations are required. Also, it incorporates some technicalities of both naked-eye astronomy and calendric systems from ancient legacies such as the Dendera Zodiac, the Aztec Calendar stone, the Hindu Yugas, and more.

Foremost among the revelatory insights it affords is this one: Correction is a cosmic anomaly that allows the Aeonic Mother of the Anthropos to reset the experiment eleven minutes before the end of the Aeonic Day, rather than acting on protocol and waiting for the midnight hour of the Kalpa, 2216 CE.

Hence Anthropos-11 emerges under special and unprecedented conditions.

In my view, after having tested it rigorously for many years, I am convinced that this single metaphor can release human NLP from religious conditioning, thus clearing the way to install the sacred narrative.