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Dating king saxophones

Apparently, somewhere during the transfer of the company from Carl Fisher to Tolchin Instruments or the subsequent purchase by Martin Tolchin, the original records were lost, misplaced, or destroyed.

dating king saxophones-53

“x” specifies the keywork plating such as “02” or “2” for silver plating and 5 or 05 for nickel keywork “y” is used to specify the pitch. Few of these are known in existance though they seem to have a low demand due to their jazz heritage.Buffet Serial Numbers Serial Numbers breakdown Around 1950 Buffet adopted a new model identification of “No1” or “NO1”.This coincided wth the polycylindrical bore introduction.Evette Master models with the cutout under the RH crow feet are the identified R-13 rejects. Determining the date of a York instrument made in Grand Rapids, Michigan is rather problematic because no records are available.So I published it on the new website for everyone to have.

Then I went on a search for serial number lists of my other clarinets, and the website grew from there.

I am always collecting new information, and wouldn’t mind a donation here or there to help pay for some expenses (sooner or later I’ll add a Paypal button).

I am also collection alto and tenor Saxophone tonehole diameters for the entire horn for another project.

Swain, I also used these as assumptions: The drop in production for 1915-16 is based on similar drops among the other manufacturers as a result of World War I.

The slow decline in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s is based on similar fluctuations among other manufacturers.

For more information, go to the Detailed Record of York Instruments.