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Dating men with small children

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Man-children tend to not care about making something of themselves; they lack the necessary motivation that comes with wanting to carve out a solid career path.This is probably one of the worst characteristics on the list, because this lack of motivation most likely means this guy won't make for a suitable, long-term partner.

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While plenty of men, and women enjoy playing video games, a guy who can't unplug for a second is far beyond addicted; he may be trying to escape from something, like...oh, let's responsibilities?

Whether it's a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew that sits beside his bed in case he gets thirsty at night, or that box of pizza he just threw in the fridge who knows when, he tends to stay away from fruit and vegetables.

Chances are he doesn't use utensils either, and most of the things he eats off of do not fully count as dishware.

Man-children often do not know what makes for a healthy, balanced meal.

Often, they are found to be eating food teetering on expiration, or things that have colors you cannot find in nature.

Being the breadwinner in your relationship is awesome (you go girl!