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Dating omaga watch

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Even more so than Omega’s other diver watches (such as the later introduced Seamaster Planet Ocean collection) the Seamaster 300M has also represented a entry-level tool watch side to the brand.It was the brand’s authentic professional diver’s watch with only the smallest element of luxury fluff to help justify its high-end persona.

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The watch also has pricing on its side if judged alongside the Rolex Submariner.Manual helium release valves on dive watches are old school technology which are only needed in rather rare situations.If you are not a commercial diver you probably won’t ever have a need to use the helium release valve.The result is an accurate, reliable, and very resilient mechanical movement – exactly what you’d want in a diver’s style timepiece.The newest generation of Seamaster 300M watch is slightly larger than the outgoing generation with a 42mm wide versus 41mm wide case.It was always meant to the the Speedmaster of dive watch – which means it by design is more about function and utility than purely form and style.

The question for me in regard to this 2018 and later Seamaster 300M is if it retains this character? Omega has remade the original 300M watch with the exact same sensibilities as the 1993 model as though it came out today.

The ironic result is that because this dial picks up light and reflects it, it ends up being more legible.

Usually the opposite is true because light causes blurring and glare which makes dials less visible.

2018 saw Swiss Omega release an entirely updated Seamaster 300M diver watch collection (a Blogto Watch hands-on here).

The updated Seamaster 300M was intended to retain the core look and feel of the popular Omega diver’s watch while bringing the product’s technology and materials into the 21st century.

The black ceramic dial has horizontal wave patterns which evoke the look of the original Seamaster 300M watch dials.