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Dating prince albert tobacco cans

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" The druggist's answer, "Yes," was followed by the young prankster's response, "Then let him out," followed by peals of laughter. Today, Cushman smoking stands sell for $150 to $300. I have a pottery pitcher painted gold with a long-tailed orange, blue and green parrot-shaped handle. When that company could no longer provide the pitchers, the retailer sent a sample to Camark, and Camark started making the pitchers for both the retailer and its own customers.The brand also used Chief Joseph, a Nez Perce Indian chief, as an advertising symbol in 1913-'14. The impressed die-stamped mark on the bottom of the pitcher is "Camark Pottery" within an outline of the state of Arkansas. The pitcher is in perfect condition, and I'm wondering what it's worth. "Camark Pottery" was the trademark used by Camden Art Tile and Pottery Co. The pitchers were made in a number of different colors and sizes and were produced for several years.

[email protected] Entry Level Tobacco Tins usually sell for less than $20 each and many can be found for as low as a few dollars.But the best joke for children of the 1930s involved a tobacco tin.Prince Albert was a very popular brand of tobacco first made in 1907.The few schools that do take kids with autism, according to one parent, cost a fortune.We handle all types of tobacco tins and tobacciana from single items to entire collections.Almost all entry level tins are very common and easily available on ebay to anyone interested or may be less common but were made later in the 60′s or later ( if there is a bar code on the tin, it won’t be valuable).

I also include in this category, lower condition tins of mid level rarity tins.

We occasionally will have mid-level tins for sale at auction if they are part of a larger collection.

High End Collectible Tobacco Tins are those that advanced and experienced collectors are actively looking for.

The types of tins listed show what types of things make for a valuable tin and what things don’t.

Our buyers are most interested in rare and high grade tins and we try to be selective to give them the best offerings on the market.

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