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Our entire team was up in New York City at a conference.

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In addition, there are over 100 tips and tricks to help with your marketing your medical practice.At the time, we were working with another hosting provider and a sub-developer (before we brought everything in-house and did the hosting ourselves).One thousand-plus pages gone in a second, and it had not been backed up, something that frequently happens with sub-par hosting.You want your office on display to set and meet patient expectations.It is also your right to use pictures of former employees assuming they signed the proper release when they were employed by you…too bad if they don’t work for you any longer. When you boil it down, you are selling a lifestyle benefit (i.e., if you are a vascular surgeon doing sclerotherapy, you sell the ability to walk down the beach hand in hand with your partner with beautiful, tanned, smooth legs).I wish there were a way to share it with her on Facebook.’ Social share buttons take care of that immediately.

Your visitor simply needs to click the Facebook button, which opens up a new tab in Facebook at that link, and then they tag Mary saying ‘Hey Mary, check this out! It’s one of the top pages on their website attracting around 25,000 unique visitors a month.

Your medical practice’s website is the starting point.

The website for a healthcare practice a living, breathing document and the mother ship of everything you do to attract and retain more patients.

You’ll have the ability to run ads to everyone that visits your website, increase traffic, and drive home specific things.

In our sclerotherapy example, you could target anyone that visits your website on Facebook and send them an ad.

If you want fifteen more appointment requests per month, you now have a number to aim for, a way to track progress, and a method to attain your goal.