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Dating site the guardian

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It didn’t have any context on what Soulmates is about or options to search for other singles if they didn’t like the profile they saw.

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Through a combination of A/B and user testing, PM Kerstin Exner dramatically improved paid registration conversions for The Guardian’s online dating site, Soulmates.Kerstin’s task was to optimize the landing page to turn more visits into registrations.Kerstin hypothesized that the landing page was confusing and too limited for first time visitors because it showed them just one profile (the profile of the person featured in the ad) with a call to action to “Join now for free” to see the full profile.The paper’s strength lies in its strong “digital-first” approach and data-driven culture.They have been testing with Optimizely since early 2012 to grow online readership.As a dating site, Soulmates’ primary goal is to convert visitors into paid subscribers.

They drive a majority of their traffic directly from ads placed on The Guardian’s news pages.

She used Optimizely’s traffic allocation feature to push 100% of site traffic to the better converting landing page while the engineering team built the changes into the site’s code.

This test was a big win for Kerstin and Soulmates, but not all tests have yielded such a high conversion increase.

She used Optimizely’s AB testing tool to track the number of successful registrations for both landing pages.

The variation landing page improved conversions by 46%.

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