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Dating sites friendship and penpal in colombia

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I always like to make friends from all over the world. i like to watch films i like wild life and i just love tigers.:-(Now, tell us about what kind of penpal you would like. Do you have an age, gender, language, or country requirement for your penpal?Also, if there's anything you DON'T want in a penpal (like, "No men,", "No girls," "No one from USA," etc, make sure to put that in here too. About me: hi my name is jenny i would like friends from all over to write or e mail to.About me: I would like friends from all over the world more especially Africa.Please dont hesitate to send me a mail, i will reply.

About me: hi my name is cheryl and i am im 12 comming up 13 in august. My favourite coulour is purple,my fave food is pasta based food.

The website is still free, but unfortunately your previous logins will no longer work, and you will have to create a new account.

Yes it's a pain, but we really tried to make it worth your while!

Cyber Friends is a popular, fun, safe and anonymous online friendship portal where thousands of people from over 200 countries meet and chat every day.

Our site was originally founded in 1995 when the Internet was just getting started, long before there was Netflix, Youtube or Google.

This is hands down the best pen pal site I've been to.