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Dating south okanagan

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Burnt trees from the Okanagan Mountain Park fire are still visible as lakeshore homes and developments come into sight.Scruggins Reef is one hazard along this stretch of shoreline, with shallow rocks sitting a couple of hundred feet offshore.

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been single for awhile, thought it would be nice to find someone who might be looking for a companion as well.Indeed, there are large caves situated along the rock wall under Squally Point's cliffs.The lake takes a slight bend towards the northeast around Squally Point.Mixed with newer homes that stretch along Peachland's shore are waterfront summer cottages dating back more than 60 years – giving visitors a glimpse of the summertime Okanagan lifestyle of generations past.Southeastern Shores of Okanagan Lake Heading north from Penticton along the southeastern shore, you pass the Penticton Yacht Club, several vineyards, waterfront homes, a few public beaches and a boat launch.Southwestern Shores of Okanagan Lake We begin at Okanagan Lake's south end, where the City of Penticton sits between it and Skaha Lake to the south.

The beaches in Penticton are long and sandy, and get very busy during the summer months.

Always be careful of other boats – it is tight for two vessels to pass by one another here.

Heading north of Rattle Snake Island the sloped hills roll down below the steep mountains in the background.

Just a few miles north you pass several bays and a rugged shoreline towards Rattle Snake Island.

There are still signs of a mini-putt golf course that was built on the island back in the 1970s but never maintained.

A few mooring buoys sit just south of the island for an overnighter if weather conditions permit.