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Datingthe perfect crime

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The Category 5 storm made its first landfall in the Abacos Islands on Sunday afternoon.It hit with record winds of up to 185mph and gusts of up to 225mph, which reduced homes to rubble and flattened roofs (centre).

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Thus far, the year 2019 has presented us with quite a number of our beloved local celebrities taking their romance to the next level.Brunel - who founded New York's MC2 - denies any involvement with crimes committed by Epstein. We just choose not to.' Seth Ator (left), 36, was identified as the alleged gunman behind Saturday's shooting in Odessa, Texas.It comes after former model Svetlana Pozhidaeva, who was signed to MC2, was pictured at convicted paedophile Epstein's mansion in New York back in 2016 (right). The owners of Boone's Camp Event Hall in Booneville, Mississippi (inset) recently reneged on renting to an engage couple after finding out the groom and bride-to be were from two different races. Welch (right) paid the business a visit, an older white woman (left) told her on video that being forced to host an interracial marriage would violate the business owners' Christian beliefs. Two law enforcement confirmed Ator's name to AP about an hour after Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke (top right inset) told reporters he would not reveal the gunman's identity at a press conference on Sunday.The Category 5 storm is set to creep toward Florida’s east coast on Monday with tropical-storm-force winds, where residents are preparing for the worst, as they fill up on gas (far right, top) in the event they need to evacuate, and board up shops (far right, bottom) and homes.The chaos it has caused so far is in sharp contrast to the calm eye of the storm (far left, bottom), which was captured by Air Force ‘Hurricane Hunters’ who flew a Super Hercules into the storm to gather data for the National Hurricane Center.Pilots on board captured spectacular footage as they flew through the storm to reach the eye (far left, top).

The twin sister of the United States Postal Service driver who was fatally shot during the western Texas shooting rampage on Saturday says she heard her screaming while on the phone with her, prompting her to drive to the scene where she discovered her body lying on the ground.

He then started randomly shooting passersby, killing at least six more and wounding 22 others.

John Borthwick believes the convenience of today's smart assistants comes at a price far higher than the cost paid for the devices.

From baecations, surprise birthday parties to cooking for future in laws, you name it, our celebs are doing it the things.

Another hot couple that has taken the status of their relationship up a notch is South African award winning Actress, Nomsa Buthelezi and her bae Zandile Shezi.

It also caused life-threatening storm surges 18 to 23 feet above normal tide and pounding wind and rain, making it the strongest hurricane in modern records to batter this part of the Bahamian islands.