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Define backdating stock options

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If we're going to endure, we must animate our interior life and engage in a dialogue with our soul, allow for something new to be born..must embrace the fact that this dark state of chaos is the genesis of all things new."One of the Dark Nights of My Soul I know the Dark Night of the Soul (Ego) all too well.

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He says that, "Through your soul's agreement with Destiny, you must transform your Fate into something more life affirming, thus leaving this world a better place.I flew down to Dallas praying that I wouldn't have to relocate there, but I resigned myself to follow the flow of events wherever they wanted to take me.Within a few days of the interview, I was not only offered the position, but the CFO let me work from my home office since I would be traveling around the world.I think of the Dark Night of the Soul as that gut wrenching, crying and screaming at the Gods at 3 AM moments of life-when you have no idea why bad things happen to good people like you and you have no idea what to do next to make things better.Robert explains the Dark Night of the Ego as the period "In Between or Liminality." Robert tells us that, "We need these periods of being 'in between.' That's essentially what a Dark Night of the Ego is: a space in between two identities, a period in which our ego waits to be given new soul coordinates.Courage and bravery for doing the right thing are not frequently rewarded in corporate America.

For me, I must follow what my spirit tells me is the right thing to do.

We must understand that liminity is essential to the revitalization of life and the transformation of Fate into Destiny." He goes on to say that, "..first instinct whenever any profound change arrives-especially one that will reshape our lives-is to try to keep things the same...

This is when we must enter into the space between identities in order to source a fresh solution.

I love when he says, "That said, how do we form our values?

Are they even truly our own, or are they handed down by our culture or parents and then unconsciously adopted?

I can't live any other way even if I have to take a financial hit on occasion.