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Disabled women looking for sex

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The images below contain nudity and may not be suitable to view at work.Millie Dollar sashays onto the stage in a green, feathered dress to conclude the evening’s entertainment with a sultry burlesque routine.

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A number of disabled performers have taken to the stage to entertain mainstream audiences in recent years, although in her routines Dollar (unlike some) does not refer to either her hearing impairment or her depression, which she writes about with candour and insight.The capacity audience at the ornate Epstein Theatre in Liverpool is enraptured by her sensual beauty.Burlesque, she says in an interview, gives her a way of communicating through costume, routine and dance – which she does with panache.Disabled characters and their sexuality appear relatively frequently in legends and texts but are usually harnessed to powerful negative metaphors.Consider the myth of Hephaestus, born ‘shriveled of foot’ and cast out from Olympus by his mother.Deaf (with a capital D) people, for example, consider deafness to be a culture, rather than an impairment, and believe it should be embraced and celebrated.

With eugenics – a now-discredited social philosophy – Francis Galton pursued the theory of contamination to its logical end.

Disabled people and their allies have been campaigning for change for decades.

While it is not going to be easy, change is on the way, but with it comes new controversies.

Another powerful archetype, Tom Shakespeare says, is the unconscious – and sometimes conscious – attitude surrounding reproductive fitness that suggests having a disabled partner is potentially contaminating as it could pass the ‘problem’ on to the next generation.

Disabled people have challenged this on many levels: for example, sexual relations are not all about procreation, not all impairments are inheritable, and many disabled people accept their impairment and the possibility that it might be passed on.

He said in a recent interview: “When you are disabled the two things people think you can’t do are fight and have sex…so I’ve got a black belt and I’m really good at shagging.