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Quinn, Medicine Woman is an American Western drama series created by Beth Sullivan and starring Jane Seymour who plays Dr.

Mike had gotten during the recent influenza outbreak. While mending fences, Jon comments on the number of cattle Miss Olive has. The town needs a sheriff to handle the charge of cattle rustling, and Kid Cole reluctantly accepts the job. Mike that stealing the cow was his idea and he helped Jon slaughter the cow. Mike offers to pay for the cow, but Olive refuses the money.Hank takes bets from the townspeople on Loren's survival, and Horace provides a play-by-play while peeking through the clinic window. He stares at their wedding picture which was in the chest and finally tells Dr. Ethan Cooper (Ben Murphy) arrives in Colorado Springs “a reformed man” ready to reconnect with the children he abandoned who are now in Dr. Brian, Colleen, and eventually Matthew are drawn into his orbit, and Michaela feels helpless and confused. After ambushing Black Kettle's camp, General Custer enters the town with wounded soldiers and Indian prisoners, including Cloud Dancing, whom Custer threatens to kill if Dr. Custer then threatens to execute Cloud Dancing if he doesn't give him the information he wants in two days.The townspeople plan a Founders Day Auction to raise money for the new school. Mike joins the ladies’ quilting circle where she clashes with Miss Olive over small pox vaccinations, Dr. Eventually, Ethan reveals himself to be a con man whose real intention is to steal the town's auction proceeds, a scheme foiled by a suspicious Sully. Cloud Dancing is later badly beaten and suffers a dislocated arm which Dr. She goes to Reverend Johnson, but he refuses to speak to Custer.A vindictive Loren considers repossessing the property as he still blames Sully for Abagail’s death and destroying his plans for her to marry someone else. Sully offers to speak to the buffalo hunters, but ends up badly beaten and partially paralyzed after a run-in with them. Mike and they fight to help Sully regain the use of his legs.Colleen feels rejected by her friends when they ignore her. Mike decides she'd rather raise the child herself than turn him over to an orphanage. Mc Call asks for the baby back and decides to call him Mike. Thaddeus Birch passes himself off as the railroad's advance man and swindles the townsfolk out of the deeds to their properties. Mike unmasks the con man's plan and saves the town.Olive Davis (Gail Strickland), sister of storekeeper Loren Bray (Orson Bean), returns to Colorado Springs with her cowhands from a cattle drive in Old Mexico bringing "the grippe" (influenza) with them. Mike works tirelessly to control the resulting epidemic and save the town's inhabitants, although many are hostile to her modern methods.

The epidemic isolates the town after the stagecoach stops bringing food, supplies, and medicine. Mike uses Charlotte's former boarding house as a clinic to care for the stricken, and Colleen decides she want to become a doctor after watching her. Mike the rest of the money she needs for her clinic and asks Brian to call her Grandma.

Johnson's possessions, Brian finds an artistic drawing of a horse. Mike tries to get schoolclothes for Zack at the general store, but Loren says he can't go to school because he's a "simpleton". When she confronts him, he tells her to mind her own business and stick to doctoring. He says he wants to give the boy a proper home but knows it’s not the saloon: “What do I do now Michaela? Mike arranges to enroll Zack in an art school in Denver.

When she takes Zack to get a haircut, Jake calls him an "imbecile". Zack is laughed at, bullied, and called an idiot by the other schoolchildren and runs away. After the townspeople tell Hank that Zack needs to go somewhere else, Hank says Zack is staying right where he is and admits he is Zack’s father. The townspeople gather to say goodbye to Zack as he leaves on the stagecoach for Denver accompanied by Hank.

When she arrives in Colorado Springs in 1867, she is met with derision and hostility by most of the townspeople except Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd) and “mountain man” Byron Sully (Joe Lando).

Charlotte is matron of the local boarding house and struggling to support her three children, Matthew (Chad Allen), Colleen (Erika Flores), and Brian (Shawn Toovey), after her husband skipped town with their savings. She is hit especially hard after failing to get a shipment of medicine in time to treat Maude Bray, who suffers a fatal heart attack. The town grudgingly begins to accept her as a woman doctor.

On the way to the Indian reservation with Sully, Dr.