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Dreamweaver crashes updating site cache

As a matter of last resort, if you have a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP-Supercache installed then you may have to clear the cache from your admin panel or simply disable caching the feeds.Although this is written for W3 Total Cache, a similar method will work for other plugins. Under that there should be an option for “Page Cache”.

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Frederick Townes, developer of this plugin, had also suggested a fix for these.Also note that Feed Burner will not process an original feed over 512kb. If you find yourself into this problem a lot (or notice the solutions in this article aren’t working), reduce the number of posts displayed in your Word Press feeds by going to Settings » Reading page. There should be a solution that would fix the issue permanently.After doing a bit more research, we found that this issue was being caused by caching plugin.Please restart your computer after installing the update. Please note that OSX Lion (10.7) and Xcode 4.x is now required by Apple for current i OS development.

07/24/2012 Update: New Mac build is now available for download.

In this article, we will show you how to fix Word Press Feed Burner feeds not updating.

Update: We no longer recommend using Feed Burner because it’s a dying product full of bugs.

Now you have the way to fix Word Press Feed Burner feeds not updating.

Dreamweaver CS6 12.0.3 update to address Hi DPI-compliance and resolve critical bugs.

Click on it and then uncheck the box that reads “Cache feeds: site, categories, tags, comments”.