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If), \'N(: Offensive remarks kill spring Rush By SEAN KELLY Senior Reporter Dean ot Students, the Rev. An appeal was made by the fraternities Tuesday, but a final decision on the case was not made until after publication.See what Janet Ruddock has to say abkie and find out what Klick s diagnoses for the Myers is.See what Fire and Ice ha\c' to say al HMit the big Dallas/ Steelers match-up.The appeal, signed by all 14 fra- temities and only a few sororities, was given to Stack and Pugliese who met with fraternity presidents again last night to give their final decision."The emphasis on the part of the fraternities is to hear that they can't Rush that sounds punitive to them," said Stack."What they're not hearing is that we really want them to get their acts together — they're not hearing that.

What 1 would like to do is have them see this semester as a time for you and your group to sit back and say. t and have some reflection about some of these issues.

What the center's about is a .strong pro-life po- sition in its many dimensions," said De Fina. Sheclaims that VFL has been harassed hv other groups in CPJF- and h) (.enter administrators. Were trying to provide some in- put and guidance and.

on the other hand, we have to be responsive to the needs of the students and the desires ol the students.' said Dc Fina.

The programs that we have to educate them on these issues would not be taken .seriously if we let them have Rush,." Stack said According to Pugliese, "1 think they should take this opportunity not to look at it as if we're trying to kill the fraternity system. We're trying to give the fraternity system another chance to take some time, reflect on their pur- pose, become stronger and become more effective in the communitv here," said Villanovans for Life fight to leave Peace and Justice PHOTO BY SHARON oui divervitv and talks about discus sion, but there is no discu.ssion what soever in Peace and Justice," said Kusnierczyk She alvi claimed that VFL is being held to a double stan dard when the CPJF encourages w to expand its focus "You can let the feminists deal with only women, but then you force VFL to deal with ev erything," she said In particular.

Kusnierczyk said that people in the center have pushed VFI Jo support lite ivsues other than abortion issues, m eluding war.

povertv and capital pun ishment On the administrative end, VF!