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In a post on Reddit two weeks ago, a user complained about a girlfriend being caught up in a cheating scandal for simply being a part of a Group Me message that was organized for the class.

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Whats App is a free messaging app that allows you to send messages or make calls to other Whats App users while you're Check out the jobs and careers at BNP Paribas : all our job offers - The bank for a changing world - BNP Paribas BNP Paribas group.This wiki How teaches you how to set up and use Whats App on your i Phone or Android smartphone.Westpac Group Reviews in Singapore, Singapore | Glassdoor. Below Here We shared more than 100 Active Adult Whatsapp Group links 18 Indian here.The specifics of the case remain unknown for now, but with the app’s prevalence on college campuses -- especially for legitimate purposes, such as to form study groups, organize group projects or disseminate information about the syllabus -- the accusations also lead to some questions about the safety of using the app.In a worst-case scenario, could students who used a Group Me for legitimate purposes get in trouble when someone shares test answers?The woman reportedly was later cleared by the unnamed university.

Representatives from Group Me did not respond to a request for comment. Should they abandon the app altogether in an attempt to distance themselves from students who engage in cheating?

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News dropped this month that Ohio State University charged scores of students with cheating in a business course taken in the spring, saying that 83 students used the messaging app Group Me for “unauthorized collaboration on graded assignments.” “Students are welcome to use social media tools like Group Me to communicate with classmates but must remember that the rules are the same for online and in-person interactions,” OSU spokesman Ben Johnson said in an email.

“For example, in most cases, sharing the due date for a homework assignment is perfectly acceptable, but sharing the answers to a final exam is not.

“Any form of academic misconduct is unacceptable and the university takes all allegations seriously,” Johnson said.